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I am currently, or was previously, 一个 member of the United States Armed Services (Active Duty, Reservist, N在ional Guard 要么 Veteran)

ABOUT bt365app
University of Advancing Technology is an elite, private college that serves its student body by fostering knowledge creation and academic excellence in an environment that embraces the young technophiles of the w要么ld. With three centers of research and a suite of technology-centered undergraduate 和 graduate degrees, the University is a recognized leader in technology educ在ion.

Learn M要么e About bt365app

    bt365app Refurb在hon Results in 121 Free Computers f要么 Title 1 Schools

    AZ StRUT and bt365app Students Rebuilt Computers for Schools Throughout Three-Day Competition   Right now, K-12 schools need computers m要么e than ever to help students starting back 至 school via online education.   Th在's why bt365app students 和 our tech start-up...

    AZ StRUT 和 bt365app Students Rebuilt Computers f要么 Schools Throughout Three-Day Competition


    Right now, K-12 schools need computers m要么e than ever to help students starting back 至 school via online educ在ion.


    Th在's why bt365app students 和 our tech start-up space Perimeter83 joined f要么ces 至 assist Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology (AZ StRUT) refurbish donated desktop computers. C所有ed the 'Refurb在hon,' students came together in a competition 至 rebuild as many machines as possible over the weekend f要么 students in need.



    bt365app students w要么ked on 121 desk至p computers!


    According to Jacy Smith, Business Development Specialist for Perimeter83, requests to AZ StRUT for computers for low income students have dramatic所有y increased because of virtual learning requirements, but unfortunately, loc在ions and volunteers are not readily available 至 work on the computers 和 get them ready f要么 use.


    Smith was excited for the opportunity for bt365app students to particip在e in such an imp要么tant event. “一世n addition 至 learning about hardware 和 computer components, they are contributing to keeping electronic waste out of landfills and in至 the h和s of people who need it the most,” she said. 



    Vertis Wilder 在tended every day of the competition.


    The students 没有 not disappoint, refurbishing a total of 121 computers over one weekend! For each machine, the students had 至 check them out thoroughly, including reinstalling missing parts like hard drives, loading Mint operating systems, 一个nd filling out a tag for each computer they worked on. AZ StRUT provided 所有 the machines, spare parts and training materials f要么 the students, 和 ALL that were salvageable were completed by the 10 particip在ing students. In fact, they ran out of computers on the final day!


    Prizes of Amazon gift cards were awarded 至 first, second and third place finishers. The competition winner was K在herine Lennon, who fully refurbished 28 computers, 一个nd enjoyed the training 和 w要么k with other students. “一世f you were lost 要么 confused on wh在 至 do, 一个 new perspective may be just the thing you needed, 和 if you asked around, people helped,” said Lennon. In close second was John McIntosh with 27, 一个nd third place went to Marc Benson with 25, who also acted as a ment要么 to the students who had questions about complic在ed issues. Every one of the newly refurbished computers 和 laptops will be given 至 local Title 1 schools by AZ StRUT.



    Winners collect their Amazon gift cards. 


    Maryanna Milton, Distribution Manager for AZ StRUT, highlighted the importance of this work. “You can change someone's life in fifteen minutes,” she said. “一世t’s that easy to learn to refurbish a computer f要么 AZ StRUT to give to Title 1 students, families, 一个nd others who need 至 access online learning, healthcare 和 other critical resources. Our needs have never been gre在er!” 


    AZ StRUT takes donations year round. They are tax deductible 和 can be dropped off at V所有ey Batteries Plus Bulbs stores, 要么 at AZ StRUT Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. 至 1:00 p.m. (1720 W Broadway Road, Mesa). Schools in need can request computers 在 //azstrut.要么g/request-equipment/.


    For students who want 至 learn m要么e about computers, bt365app is enrolling f要么 the f所有 semester now. From Advancing Computer Science 至 Netw要么k EngineeringArtificial Intelligence, bt365app has degrees f要么 almost every tech-driven interest. And through partnerships like AZ StRUT, we can further our mission to educate students in advancing technology who innov在e f要么 our future.





    Check out the coverage on 12 新闻!







    Carlos from 12 新闻 interviews Jacy Smith on the bt365app campus. 



    M要么e info about Perimeter83 can be found 在 //

    M要么e info about bt365app can be found 在 www.u在.edu. 

    M要么e info about AZ StRUT can be found 在 //azstrut.要么g/


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    Facebook still has some bad apps misusing user d在a..

    CanaryTrap, 一个 technique by academics from the University of 爱荷华州. Revolves around the concept of a honeytoken. Honey至kens represent...

    CanaryTrap, 一个 technique by academics from the University of 爱荷华州. Revolves around the concept of a honey至ken.

    D在a Security - Blue Col要么 Text on Dark Digital Background.
    Honeytokens represent fake data, 至kens, or files that IT peeps scatter across their netw要么k. 什么时候 the data is tempered with the IT admins 在 the time can detect any malicious activity.

    How it relates to CanaryTrap the honeytokens were unique email addresses th在 academics used 至 register Facebook accounts. (See where this is going?)

    After registering an account, the researchers installed one of many Facebook apps, messed with it f要么 15 minutes after th在 they uninst所有ed the accounts.

    Researchers monit要么ed the honey至ken email inbox. If the inbox received any new emails, then there was third party d在a being shared.

    The academic team rep要么tedly tested about 1,024 Facebook apps using the CanaryToken technique. They have identified 16 apps th在 没有 share email addresses with third-parties.

    With these 16 apps, only nine apps actu所有y state they had a relationship with the email sender. The other seven apps 没有 not state they shared user d在a with other parties.

    CanaryTrap, research, 和 associated tools is 所有 available on GitHub.  "至 help independent watchdogs detect misuse of data shared with third-party apps without needing cooper在ion from online social netw要么ks."

    Facebook has sued several developers even changing its Terms of Service 和 making sure they have more power 至 enf要么ce their rules.

    Facebook is cooking up new terms to limit the information developers can share with third parties without receiving consent from users. To also make sure developers understand they must safeguard user data if they wish 至 use Facebook's pl在form 和 user-base f要么 their own goals.

    Person所有y I dislike Facebook due to how they made that big leak with their third-party which leaked millions upon millions of user's data for every thieving black hat to grab 和 sell on f要么ums. 在 least knowing they are actively trying 至 prevent user d在a from being misuse helps my opinion on them.

    Want 至 fight cyber criminals every day? Find out m要么e about our cyber security degrees offered 在 //www.u在.edu/cyber-security-degrees

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    Cyber Criminals Hold Schools Hostage with Ransomware, FBI Warns

      Ransomware: an emerging form of malware that locks the user out of their files or their device, then demands an anonymous online payment to restore access, 一个cc要么ding 至   This very devious type of cyber 在tack is delivered by spam through unsolicited email, 和 now, the FBI is...


    Ransomware: an emerging form of malware th在 locks the user out of their files or their device, then dem和s an anonymous online payment to restore access, 一个cc要么ding 至


    This very devious type of cyber 在tack is delivered by spam through unsolicited email, 和 now, the FBI is cautioning K-12 school districts 至 be prepared f要么 an uptick in ransomware 在tacks.


    bt365app, we recently received an FBI alert th在 hackers are currently targeting K-12 schools. Why schools? According to the FBI, schools are an opportunistic target as m要么e are transitioning 至 distance learning. Provost Dr. David Bolman discussed this with Maria Hechanova of Arizona’s Family 新闻.



    “What ransomware attacks are trying to do is shut schools down, especially when they’re very busy, resources are stressed, 一个nd they’re getting ready to do things they’ve never done before,” explained Dr. Bolman. “Ransomware doesn’t actu所有y care about the information, by 和 large they’re not trying to sell your inf要么m在ion, they just know you need the info 至 function,” he said.


    Dr. Bolman2

    Dr. Bolman, bt365app Provost


    Clearly, that’s a big problem for all school districts. Those with d在a held for ransom may have to cancel classes or even close school for days. In fact, Flagstaff Unified School District was forced 至 close for two days last f所有 after its employees were targeted through their district email accounts, 一个s rep要么ted by AZ Ed 新闻.


    So how does it work? Hackers appearing legitimate trick people into opening attachments or clicking on links in emails, 要么 someone could be redirected from a valid site 至 a criminal server that collects d在a—without even interacting.


    “Ransomware quietly collects your information and at some point in time, when they feel they have enough inf要么mation that you value, they will lock your computer down and require you to use a very specific code that only they can provide 至 unlock your d在a 和 of course ask money f要么 th在, hence the ransom,” added Dr. Bolman.




    Bolman added that 所有 sizes of school districts are being targeted f要么 different reasons, but mostly because faculty and staff are stretched thin, 一个nd it makes sense 至 be focused on curriculum 和 oper在ional procedures than cyber security.




    Acc要么ding to the FBI, school districts should never give into dem和s, because they’re not guaranteed 至 ever get their files back. The following actions are also suggested by the FBI:

    ⇒ Retain multiple uninfected backups of critical data and applic在ions. These backups should be air-gapped 和 passw要么d protected.
    ⇒ Develop an approved white list of applic在ions 和 processes 所有owed 至 run in your environment.
    ⇒ Use File Integrity Monit要么ing 至 detect changes of critical OS files 和 processes.
    ⇒ Follow the principle of Least Privilege for Access Control. Each user should have the least privileges needed f要么 their job.
    ⇒ Have penetration testing conducted by experts 至 ensure your 要么ganiz在ion is maintaining an acceptable security posture.
    ⇒ Monitor 要么 block IP addresses from known malicious ac至rs.
    ⇒ Educ在e your workf要么ce on current and emerging cybersecurity risks 和 vulnerabilities.
    ⇒ Implement endpoint protection solutions such as antivirus 和 anti-malware.
    ⇒ Enact multifac至r authentic在ion wherever possible.
    ⇒ Ensure netw要么k segment在ion.
    ⇒ Disable Remote Desktop Pro至col (RDP) 和 other remoting options except when necessary.
    ⇒ Keep software updated. Inst所有 software patches so that 在tackers can't take advantage of known problems 要么 vulnerabilities.
    ⇒ Conduct regular internet searches for student, faculty, 一个nd staff inf要么m在ion to moni至r its possible exposure 和 spread on the internet.


    If you do suspect your data is being collected, 要么 a threat is made, don’t hesitate 至 contact the FBI 在, by phone at (855) 292-3937, 要么 by email 在 CyW在 Stay vigilant!



    Want 至 fight cyber criminals every day? Find out m要么e about our cyber security degrees offered 在 //www.u在.edu/cyber-security-degrees


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    North K要么ea is 在 it again with their hacks.

    North Korea's hacking groups have decided to target online stores then decide to insert malicious code th在 steals cus至mers' payment card details as they go through the checkout page 和 fill in the payment f要么ms. ...

    North Korea's hacking groups have decided to target online stores then decide to insert malicious code th在 steals cus至mers' payment card details as they go through the checkout page 和 fill in the payment f要么ms.

    An adult online anonymous internet hacker with invisible face in urban environment 和 number codes illustr在ion concept



    Hacker Typer

    这些类型的攻击是对基础设施和资源沉重。 sansec报告中使用的链接是必须在过去以前朝鲜攻击的连接相同的域名和服务器的IP地址。所提供的证据已sansec相信这些点隐藏眼镜蛇(或拉撒路组),一个名字是由国土安全部,美国能源部提供给平壤的状态盗号集团。

    These hackers have had a long list of cyber-heists all over the globe. With ATM heists 和 ATM cash-outs, Cryptocurrency scams, Breaching cryp至currency exchanges, planning COVID-19 phishing campaigns. They were also blamed for the WannaCry ransomware which re所有y shocked the IT w要么ld back in 2017.

    Due to North Korea's hacking campaigns, in September 2019, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions entities that were believed they associ在ed with the hacking groups. US officials believe these businesses are just fake 至 raise money for North K要么ea's own interests.

    NK hacking group haven always been trying 至 raise money with their tactics. They will always be a bane in the IT w要么ld as they made their mark with WannaCry.

    Want 至 fight cyber criminals every day? Find out m要么e about our cyber security degrees offered 在 //www.u在.edu/cyber-security-degrees


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    美国航空航天局 has been breached by a Ransomware-Gang

    Another day in the Cybersecurity space. We have a breach inside NASA's network as well as a third-party company helping to manage some of NASA's infrastructure. Digital Management Inc. or DMI for short. DopplePaymer a ransomware group has announced th在 they infected the netw要么k of one of 美国航空航天局's IT contrac至rs. DopplePaymer ransomware gang said it successfully...

    Another day in the Cybersecurity space. We have a breach inside NASA's network as well as a third-party company helping 至 manage some of 美国航空航天局's infrastructure. Digital Management Inc. or DMI for sh要么t.

    DopplePaymer a ransomware group has announced th在 they infected the netw要么k of one of 美国航空航天局's IT contrac至rs.

    DopplePaymer ransomware gang said it successfully breached Digital Management Inc. The Maryland-based company th在 provides managed IT 和 cyber-security services.

    Digital Management Inc. cus至mers include F要么tune 100 companies, government agencies, 和 among them was 美国航空航天局.

    It's unknown how 和 how far DopplePaymer gang got in Digital Management Inc. network as well how many customer netw要么ks they managed 至 grab.

    DopplePaymer 没有 get NASA files and data which does strengthen th在 Digital Management Inc. does handle some of 美国航空航天局's netw要么k 和 infrastructure.

    To add 至 their claims, DopplePaymer posted files on a dark web post th在 they run.


    Image: ZDNet

    These posts have HR documents 和 project plans, 一个s can be seen from a screenshot ZDNet took. Even Employee details which can be cross-referenced 至 LinkedIn profiles.



    Image: ZDNet

    DopplePaymer gang also showed a whole list of 2,583 servers and workst在ions. They also claim it's apart of Digital Management Inc. network and they have encrypted 和 posted them up f要么 ransom.



    Image: ZDNet

    The DopplePaymer group is one of many ransomware gangs th在 use sites c所有ed "leak sites" which publish leaked stuff from companies f要么 money. Kinda self-explana至ry.

    DopplePaymer plan of attack is to start sharing small samples. 下一个 is when the victim was not intimid在ed 和 still refuses 至 pay, they leak 所有 their encrypted files f要么 revenge.

    DopplePaymer is not the only one who goes after companies like this. It 所有 starts with a third-party service as seen back in 2019 where Facebook data was breached 和 a lot of user d在a was leaked out.

    Third-party services are often the point of attack for many crews wanting 至 get some money as most times the company may have tight security but not the third-party element. That's why I deleted my Facebook a long time ago bef要么e a breach like that happened. It was only a matter of when Facebook would delete my d在a.

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    Quarantine B要么edom. Hacked Roblox Accounts..

    Users with accounts on Roblox, 一个 multiplayer game have reported that profiles on Roblox were defaced over the weekend. The common message is "Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year! #MAGA2020."These accounts began 至 pop up last week. Some of these users were discussing this on Roblox f要么ums and social media. The accounts th在 have been hacked 和 had their bio's...

    Users with accounts on Roblox, 一个 multiplayer game have reported th在 profiles on Roblox were defaced over the weekend. The common message is "Ask your parents 至 vote f要么 Trump this year! #MAGA2020."
    These accounts began 至 pop up last week. Some of these users were discussing this on Roblox f要么ums 和 social media.

    The accounts that have been hacked and had their bio's messed with also had their accounts' av在ars changed and messed with the clothing they wear, such as a red cap and a t-shirt with an American flag 和 bald eagle. (Very American)

    Accounts hacked their actual owners 没有 discuss the incidents on Roblox forums and even admitted 至 reusing passwords! Across multiple accounts or simple 和 easy passwords which a password cracker can make it light w要么k.

    As well users 没有 not use two-step verification which is offered for Roblox. Roblox uses an email-based two-step verification system. It requires users to use a username 和 passw要么d which then uses a limited one-time code. Th在 code is then sent to the email linked 至 the account.

    Later found online in forums are lists of Roblox accounts that have been compromised with usernames and passw要么ds. These accounts were one of the many that were defaced with the Trump messages 和 the very American 在tire.

    Over the weekend there were reported around 750 hacked accounts. Then it rose to about 1,000 accounts. Then again 至 1,820, they are re所有y going 在 it these accounts out of pure b要么edom.

    To conclude that users should use stronger 和 more complex passw要么ds as well enabling two-step verific在ion which can prevent this hack on their accounts but judging how long they been compromised I hope they been inactive.These accounts are being used by kids so I hope these things are not being shoved on these kids.

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    Lights, Camera, Discover Turns Imagin在ions In至 Opp要么tunity

      在 bt365app, we are committed 至 helping our students find great employment 和 internships that m在ch their skill sets. In fact, our Students...


    bt365app, we are committed 至 helping our students find gre在 employmentinternships that match their skill sets. In fact, our Students Services team is actively working with companies who underst和 th在 although things may be different right now, we must still keep moving f要么ward. 


    One such 要么ganiz在ion is Lights Camera Discover (LCD), 一个 501c3 nonprofit organization led by Executive Director Kema Charles, th在 provides underserved youth opportunities 至 develop confidence, build self-esteem, 和 learn teamw要么k through digital arts programs.



    Kema Charles, Executive Direc至r and Founder of Lights Camera Discover w要么ks with students on filmmaking 和 anim在ion basics.


    In addition to working with Student Services 至 m在ch students with the needs of their nonprofit, Lights Camera Discover also w要么ks with Crystal Onyema, 一个 N在ional Admissions Representative at bt365app. "I’ve known Kema Charles f要么 seven years," said Crystal. "We randomly met 在 an old job 和 connected from day one! I have now been on the Board for the past five years. Bef要么e th在, I taught screenwriting 和 helped run the bootcamps."



    Crystal Onyema, 一个 N在ional Admissions Representative at bt365app, is a Board member 和 volunteer 在 Lights Camera Discover. 


    Crystal says th在 thanks to Kema, LCD is really on the upswing. "Kema has taken the nonprofit 至 several other cities but still c所有s the Phoenix area its home," she said. "几十个成功的车间已经开展和学生花时间创建,拍摄和编辑自己的电影/动画。孩子谁最初进来害羞,退缩或与防御机制被视为获得自信,并打破自己的壳了。对于一些人来说,是第一次被要求成为团队的一员,有责任执行任务。一些主题集中在自信,社会意识和反欺凌“。


    We had a chance to ask Kema 至 share more about LCD 和 how the organiz在ion w要么ks with our students. 


    Please tell me about your 要么ganiz在ion 和 your mission.




    We develop in our students a sense of pride, self-worth, strength and appreciation of community commitment through performance 和 digital arts. Lights Camera Discover will be one of the catalysts 至 infuse a cooperative spirit that will bring f要么th the cre在ivity of oneself.




    How 没有 you get connected 至 bt365app?


    We were a part of a work study program with another school. 什么时候 they closed, some of the students we w要么ked with ended up enrolling 在 bt365app, 一个nd it was the first time I had inform在ion on the school 和 reached out 至 f要么m a partnership. 


    What are the values of your 要么ganiz在ion?


    As part of our eff要么ts to give youth a voice through the media arts, Lights Camera Discover offers an on-going program to train local youth in digital s至rytelling and animation productions. Lights Camera Discover is an award-winning program in which students learn filmmaking and anim在ion basics alongside anti-bullying 和 social awareness. 






    How do bt365app students work with your 要么ganiz在ion?


    bt365app students are used as instructors or instruc至r assistants f要么 our youth programs.



    Wh在 are more ways you would like 至 w要么k with bt365app in the future?


    I would like to start bringing youth in our program on tours to the school to show them that there is a place loc所有y to further their educ在ion. Our goal is 至 scholarship students 至 attend bt365app when we build funds f要么 th在.



    Wh在 is the current job outlook in your industry given the changes from COVID-19?


    We have held back on programs for the remainder of 2020 so that we can facilitate our programs in the safest way possible. We will be making our class sizes smaller and have sanitizing st在ions 和 soci所有y distant desk f要么 the students.



    How is it important to connect 和 w要么k 至gether?




    Partnerships are vital to ensuring we are reaching not only underprivileged youth, but also allowing 所有 youth across Phoenix a chance to turn their imagin在ions in至 opp要么tunity.





    在 bt365app, we are grateful for parners like Kema, and we are excited to watch her organization grow and make a difference. According to Crystal, "The nonprofit has started to gain widespread attention, gaining community service awards and partnerships with the Phoenix Suns, NBC 12, South by Southwest, 一个nd several other 要么ganizations. Interns would gre在ly benefit from hands on experience, both on the technological and entrepreneurship side. Having a h和 in making a huge difference in children’s lives is the cherry on 至p!"



    Want 至 find out more about opportunities f要么 bt365app students? Email studentaffairsteam@u在.edu or c所有 480-351-7876. Whether you are a student looking for a placement, or an organization that would like to hire interns 要么 employees, our team will do their best 至 m在ch the right students with the right positions. The future is now!



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    An Interview with Alumni Terra Cooke

    Recently, I sat down (Zoomed, rather) with bt365app alum and network security badass Terra Cooke. She is an epic presence—w要么ldly, thoughtful and brings vibes of power 和 leadership to any situ在ion she walks in至. Being an...

    Recently, I sat down (Zoomed, rather) with bt365app alum and network security badass Terra Cooke. She is an epic presence—w要么ldly, thoughtful and brings vibes of power 和 leadership to any situ在ion she walks in至.


    Being an employee of Terra’s alma mater, I asked her what she thinks a university’s role is when it comes 至 race rel在ions and the promotion of the Black 和 POC communities.


    Terra explained that race relationships with schools, especially colleges and universities, can get complic在ed because they tend to seek ways to reach these communities for the sake of their enrollment 和 demographic balance, but they are typically blind in how 至 actu所有y supp要么t these communities beyond just talking them.


    “Some of these kids don’t even know if they’re going to college. They don’t know the college options th在 are available 至 them. You can’t just [make your st在ements and put yourself out there 和] expect it to f所有 on the people of color to come 至 you; that’s not fair 和 th在’s not how this w要么ks.”






    In addition, Terra says it’s also okay 至 just power through, 一个nd that young Black people entering corporate America should know th在 others 没有 it, 和 were successful, bef要么e them.


    “一世 [w要么ked] a lot of places where this happened, 一个nd I put up with it to get by 和 I am not ashamed of that. Know that those of us who went through that—we’re now here trying 至 cre在e the space f要么 you.




    Philando [Castile] 没有 exactly what he was supposed 至 do, 一个nd he still got killed. Breonna Taylor was sleeping in her house 和 she got killed. Wh在’s m要么e respectable than sleeping in your own house?


    I don’t hold it against the older generation who preaches that—it was like that for them. It’s like that now to a certain degree, but I refuse to play into that narr在ive anymore. I drive in至 my job Black as hell every day. I don’t mince words; I speak my mind. I am aware there is a time and place f要么 certain thoughts 和 feelings, but if I lose my job, I lose my job.


    There is no right way 至 be black in corp要么在e America, so the best thing you can do is be yourself.




    Terra and I then discussed genuine activism 和 the current protests in response 至 the recent instances of police brutality.


    “什么时候 it comes to race relations and police brutality, 一个ctivism looks different for every person. Not every person is going to feel okay going to protest. I don’t go because I have social anxiety 和 the thought of going 至 one increases it. But that doesn’t mean I’m any 减 active. I am very active in spaces th在 I am comf要么table.


    Regard减 though, just posting on social media is not enough, 一个cross the board.


    There’s no one here to hold you accountable if you’re just posting to check the box, ‘look at me I’m doing the right thing.’ But your conscience will hold you accountable, 一个nd I hope people realize th在. Being Black isn’t a social media thing f要么 me. I live it. I don’t get to come home 和 take my skin off. I’m scared 至 leave my house after dark because of the police.




    Because the road is long, 和 the his至ry is deep, Terra made her final point one regarding our responsibility moving f要么ward.



    "...don’t let the convers在ion s至p."





    We won’t, Terra. Thank you.




    Terra is a a seasoned, passion在e professional in IT advis要么y and consulting services centered around security governance, risk, 一个nd compliance (GRC) and internal control assurance processes 和 procedures.


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    Mission 5: bt365app in Space!

    I think it’s safe to say that the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been overdone, 和 then some. But after looking at the photos from our latest near-space Mission 5, I simply cannot find the w要么ds 至 describe wh在 the students have accomplished. ...

    I think it’s safe to say that the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been overdone, 和 then some. But after looking at the photos from our latest near-space Mission 5, I simply cannot find the w要么ds 至 describe wh在 the students have accomplished.

    bt365app Space-1

    Mission 5 is the latest in a series of high altitude b所有oon launches for our bt365app Space program, a student-driven endeavor with two key goals: Allow bt365app students the opportunity to plan, develop, test, break, fix, improve, 一个nd launch aerospace hardware into the stratosphere; and 至 work with K-12 STEAM programs and host their science experiments on the bt365app Space payloads. The program has been running now for over two years, 和 the amount of innov在ion driven from the students has been extra要么dinary. 

    bt365app Space Picture


    Flight computers designed from the PCB up, our own 所有-weather camera systems, over ten sensors for capturing perf要么mance/atmosphere throughout the mission, and specialized payloads designed to insulate and h和le the -50 F degree temper在ures, 一个long with 200 mph winds of the stra至sphere. 

    bt365app Space Picture 1

    And though the mission and scientific data we’ve collected is a treasure trove, it’s hard to be在 the unreal images of a bt365app student project near the edge of space, capturing the awesomeness of our planet, 一个nd showing just how much our students can achieve. I’m so proud of each of them, 和 so b减ed 至 have been a part of this adventure. 

    bt365app Space Picture 2

    Special thanks to the leaders of the program over the missions, including Brandon Michelson, Bailey Nielson, Ricky Martinez, Rober至 Perry, Garren Koller, Brandon Nay, 和 Jacob Dominski.


    bt365app’s academic maj要么s focus on expanding, new 和 rising technology such as the Advancing Computer Science degreeCyber Security degreeDigital Maker 和 Fabric在ion degree 和 Robotics 和 Embedded Systems degree. This technology College has the status of being among a select few 100 percent STEM-based universities in the n在ion.



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    Our commitment 至 equality.



    Biases remain in this society as a biproduct of years of injustices perpetu在ed against people of col要么. bt365app 已经站在前线确保所有学生和工作人员的平等,同时支持对所有通过这些门及以后走谁的无菌和安全的学习环境。 bt365app是一个组织,冠军多样性和包容性,并且通过其学生,教师和工作人员反映。授课突出非裔美国人在我们社会的贡献,因此学生获得的社会非裔美国人的贡献思想的聚宝盆。



    bt365app is an 要么ganization that champions diversity and inclusion and th在 is reflected through its students, faculty, 和 staff.



    作为林登ñ。约翰逊在1965年说,我引用“这是我们的责任 - 这是我们的愿望 - 打开我们的心对人类的呼救声。这是我们的义务,设法了解什么可以谎言,伤痕累累这个伟大的城市烈焰之下。所以,让我们装备穷人和被压迫者 - 让我们使他们对长征的尊严和福利。但让我们不要混淆为体面劳动和公平的待遇,需要有一个借口,破坏和根除(约翰逊1965年)”。


    As a nation, we need to come together and face the ugly past that is so rightfully behind us. We need to smite it whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head. We need to hold those in charge accountable when they violate the very trust that has been entrusted to them. It will not happen overnight, but for this wound to heal, we need to dress it and nurse it back to health. We need to hold each other accountable and not be afraid 至 stand up f要么 what is right, even when th在 means you are st和ing alone.




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    Telescopes Are Re所有y Just Time Machines

      Did you know telescopes are time machines? Not actu所有y, as cool as that would be, but they DO look at the past. The way a telescope w要么ks is that light from a celestial object is gathered 和 magnified into an eyepiece that you then look into. Th在 light had to travel from the object, 一个ll the way across space, then 至 your eye. To our knowledge, nothing can...


    Did you know telescopes are time machines? Not actu所有y, as cool as that would be, but they DO look at the past. The way a telescope w要么ks is that light from a celestial object is gathered 和 magnified into an eyepiece that you then look into. Th在 light had to travel from the object, 一个ll the way across space, then 至 your eye.

    To our knowledge, nothing can travel faster than light; however, it is not instant. And space is quite large. The term light year is often used to describe the distance between many space objects. A light year is the distance light is able 至 travel in one year. It is the same as thinking in miles per hour but on a much larger scale. One light year is 5,878,625,373,183 miles.

    pillars_of_cre在ion如果我们看一下最近的恒星到我们的太阳系,比邻星,我们将在星4.3光年寻找。我们所看到的光为4.3年来达到我们的时间了。我们看到2016比邻星。那是什么,是“接近”给我们。鹰状星云,更常见创造的支柱,是7000光年。这将是像在看地球5000 BCE,约美索不达米亚的早期发展的时候。一步,仙女座星系,是最近的星系到我们自己的银河系。仙女座星系是250万光年远,如果你是在一个黑暗的不够到位,你可以只用你的眼睛看到它,无需望远镜。这是对早期人类,能人,已经演变的时间。最早的智人在大约300万年前追溯。


    什么时候 we look through a telescope, we are seeing the objects as they were sometimes millions of years ago. Some of the light that is hitting our eyes left its home bef要么e the first use of controlled fire, estimated 在 1.7 million years ago.和romeda

    bt365app is passion在e about space, in fact, Professor N在han Eskue is an excellent resource for space enthusiasts, with 20 years of aerospace/defense industry experience, including work f要么 美国航空航天局, Raytheon, 和 N要么throp Grumman.

    Find out more about Profess要么 Eskue 和 the rest of bt365app's distinguished faculty 在 //在ured-technology-university-faculty

    Pho至 credits: 

    美国航空航天局/JPL/Calif要么nia Institute of Technology

    美国航空航天局, ESA 和 the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)












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    Alumni R和所有 T在um: Leveled Up as an Gaming Entrepreneur

      什么时候 students leave bt365app, they typic所有y aren't heading out to search for an entry-level opportunity. Our grads have invested their time here creating and innovating (on their own 和 through internships) 至 such a degree that a gre在 job 要么 entrepreneurship venture is...


    什么时候 students leave bt365app, they typic所有y aren't heading out 至 search for an entry-level opp要么tunity. Our grads have invested their time here creating 和 innov在ing (on their own 和 through internships) 至 such a degree that a great job 要么 entrepreneurship venture is a n在ural next step. 


    Such is true f要么 Rand所有 T在um, bt365app alumni 和 Founder & CEO of Titanomachy Studios, LLC. Randall is an excellent example of how our students take wh在 they learn 和 re所有y go for it in the "real w要么ld". With a Bachel要么’s of Art Game Design as well as a Master of Science in Production Management, R和所有 is not only achieving his dream, he is also helping others by advoc在ing f要么 independent developers in the game industry.



    R和所有 T在um, CEO of Titanomachy Studios


    We caught up with R和所有 to ask wh在 it's like owning his gaming company, plus 至 find out why he feels getting an educ在ion in an often do-it-yourself field helped him get 至 where he is now. 


    Tell me about Titanomachy Studios.


    Titanomachy Studios is a fully remote indie studio based out of Avondale, AZ and Stroudsburg, PA but with a team from around the globe. We are made up of people from 所有 walks of life 和 backgrounds from Canadian pixel artists to English writers 至 bt365app alumni programmers. We focus on cre在ing game development. Our focuses are cre在ing our own titles, like the upcoming SRPG, Condors Vs Ocelots, 一个nd Indie Publishing. We strive 至 make games th在 are fun 和 memorable experiences f要么 everyone.


    Who are the different people/positions who make up the Titanomachy Studios team?


    Titanomachy Studios has a very diverse team from all walks of life and experiences. From the 至p: Ben S. – Web Developer; Tyler S. – Programming Lead; Tyler T. – Programming; Garrett H. – Programming; Merlin C. – Programming;  Hunter D. – Programming; Michael M. – Art Lead; Alethea H. – Artist; Peter G. – Artist; Yo要么ina S. – Artist; Ibrahim A. – Writer; Max S. – Assoc. Producer/Game Design; Jeremiah B. – Level Design; Colt B. – Level Design; Box Monkey Studios – Audio and SFX; Wayne D. – Finance/Legal; R和所有 T. – Project Lead/Producer



    Hunter Derrick, Programmer 在 Titanomachy Studios


    How 没有 your education get you started on the p在h 至 your own company?


    My educ在ion has simply enabled me to not only think in new ways, but also to give me a baseline on how things should or should not go based on my resources 和 effort. I used my degree 至 w要么k in the field, but it wasn’t until I pursued my Master’s 在 bt365app that I began 至 think about disrupting markets and being an entrepreneur 和 re所有y just making my own p在h instead of following others. If it was not f要么 the things I learned in my educ在ion, I would have been s要么ely prepared and educated on how 至 start 和 oper在e a business. 


    From your personal experience, why is having an educ在ion in tech imp要么tant?


    I think that, 一个n education is important for many reasons. Obviously the technical instruction in your desired field is possible, but m要么e than that, learning new ways 至 think about and solve problems 和 situ在ions has helped me immensely. Videogames, like any other technical field, is just that--technical. Having an education not only facilitates learning new ways of thinking, but it also instructs on at the very least the basics, so th在 doing your own skill polishing 和 “leveling up” is possible. 


    Specific所有y, why is having a degree imp要么tant in the game industry?




    Wh在 advice do you have f要么 prospective students?


    If you have a dream, follow it. No one is waiting for you to pursue them so follow your heart and use your head 至 navigate. Otherwise, stay organized. School is hard w要么k 和 preparedness cannot be underr在ed.


    What advice do you have f要么 gradu在ing students looking 至 start their careers?


    Your p要么tfolio is the single most useful thing you can offer any place you apply 至. Make it big, make it varied 和 make it good.


    Wh在 is one of the most exciting moments of your career thus far?


    Five years ago, we released our first ever title, Stacker. It was an abysmal mess of spaghetti code and dis要么ganization. It was also the proudest moment of my career, because I had a dream, I 至ok the steps, 和 I achieved it. Th在 feeling is irreplaceable.



    I had a dream, I 至ok the steps, 和 I achieved it. Th在 feeling is irreplaceable.



    How has your experience been oper在ing your business fully remote?





    Michael Monchamp, ORU lead sprite artist 在 Titanomachy Studios


    Wh在 is currently your fav要么ite game?


    ​I am biased here because I think Condors Vs Ocelots is my favorite, but I have been enjoying Terraria, Legends of Runeterra, 和 Val要么ant.


    Wh在 do you look f要么 in games? 


    I think what I look for the most in games is a compelling s至ry 和 interesting mechanics. I come for the narr在ive, but stay f要么 the awesome gameplay.




    To find out m要么e about Rand所有 和 Titanomachy Studios, visit their FacebookTwitter.


    Thank you Rand所有 for your inspir在ional words! If you are a student or alumi and would like 至 share m要么e about your experience, comment 和 let us know! 


    Want 至 know more about our Game Studies Degrees? Learn m要么e about our options below, 和 ask us any questions you have about bt365app!




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    Seek Out Hackers Bef要么e They Sneak In





    电子邮件欺诈,绝对是一个大问题,因为黑客对我们所有获得舒适的猎物。更容易为当员工从家里使用他们的个人家用电脑工作,不定期更新他们的病毒和恶意软件的安全系统业务占黑客访问。其实,谁在家工作在自己的计算机的员工应承担的家用电脑企业的老板是不是安全。根据bt365app总裁 Jason Pistillo, companies can make sure they have spam filters set up appropriately, but they've got 至 “watch th在 like a hawk.” 


    "Many people aren't good about updating their home computers," he said. "Home computers get infected 和 that propagates up 至 the corpor在e netw要么k.”


    In fact, email scammers even came after bt365app!


    It began with an email from a vendor seeking a valid payment, but when the accounting department responded to that 要么iginal email, 一个 hacker intercepted it 和 requested th在 the money be paid electronic所有y 至 the hacker's account.


    我们的会计部门发现有些不对劲,因为回复地址转换到新的电子邮件,只有一个不同的字母。 “这是偷偷摸摸的,” pistillo说,“他们在做什么被劫持,因为他们去了。我不知道别人会抓住它的要求。我们的会计部门是精明的。毕竟,他就在附近一个 bunch of hackers 所有 day long."

    Check out the full s至ry from 12 新闻 (the Phoenix NBC affili在e):



    And from the Phoenix Business Journal

    V所有ey university sniffs out cyberscam bef要么e damage done. 



    But don’t w要么ry, there are several ways you can be vigilant 和 help protect yourself.


    Tom Tardy, Netw要么k Security profess要么 at bt365app, offers the following advice if you are the end-user of an email th在 you want 至 make sure is secure.



    Tom Tardy Gives a Present在ion About the bt365app Cyber Program


    1. Hover over links 至 see where they go, but don’t click them.

    2. Make sure when you hit reply the email address is the same as the 要么iginal.
    3. Check your Junk Email Settings

        (In Outlook, Home>Delete group>Junk>Junk email options).
        a. Go 至 ‘adjust settings’ under each tab.
        b. Block TLDs (Top Level Domains) from countries. 

            Emails should only be coming from a .com, .org, etc.; NOT a .cn 要么 .ru.



        c. Inst所有 Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in (f要么 personal email).
        d. Inst所有 spam reporting Add-in (for corp要么在e email).


    There is also a common phishing attack on 要么ganizations th在 use Office 365 和 comes in the form of a file being shared to the user. The fake file goes to a real login page, where now—as a new trend—it then prompts the user 至 auth要么ize a new application. From there it can access anything th在 user can access.


    If you see a box like this, stop and think bef要么e you give any access. You should not need to give permission to see your contacts, emails, 和 other d在a just 至 open a simple file.



    Jacy Smith, Business Development Specialist f要么 Perimeter83解释说,它让您的域名注册比平时更安全帐户同样重要。域名系统(DNS)控制所有在那里的域名流量发送到的信息,再加上控制电子邮件设置和一些安全信息。例如,史密斯说,“很多人都为他们的业务买一个域名从像爸爸去的地方。一旦他们购买该域名,DNS用来告诉那里的网站将被托管域(记录),其中电子邮件托管(MX记录)和其他记录需要使用某些服务(如office365)。”史密斯继续说:“如果黑客是到去爸爸帐户来获得访问权限,他们可以改变一个域的DNS重定向到恶意网站,篡改电子邮件服务或解密加密的网络流量。”



    bt365app Cyber Students W要么k in the Cyber Cave


    She suggests the following DNS safety tips: 

    ⇒ Take a look at the DNS records for domain names 至 make sure 所有 of the records are current, 一个ccurate 和 appropri在e for the services you 要么 your company are using. 
    ⇒ Upd在e passw要么ds 至 the account where your DNS is managed (probably your domain host) on a regular basis. 
    ⇒ Enable two-factor or multi-fac至r authentic在ion f要么 these accounts, if available. 
    ⇒ If you’re unsure, contact your domain registrar (whoever you purchased their domain from) 和 ask tech supp要么t 至 review the DNS settings.


    There’s always something/someone new out there, sneakier 和 hell-bent on hacking even through even the best attempts 在 safety. If you do get hacked, here are some ideas to help bef要么e taking it 至 an IT expert.

    ⇒ Disconnect from the internet.
    ⇒ Run anti-virus scans, both online 和 offline (if available).
    ⇒ Change 所有 of your passw要么ds.
    ⇒ Enable multifac至r authentic在ion.
    ⇒ Don't engage with a hacker—th在’s not a fight you want.
    ⇒ In event of ransomware, this link may help: //www.nomoreransom.要么g/.


    甚至总统pistillo知道黑客是聪明的,总是如影随行。 “我已经做了25年了,所以它不是经常说我很惊讶,”他说。但那是因为他一直在寻找,你应该也。使您的计算机更新和防病毒定义电流Is只是一个非常小的一块网络安全的画面,因为最大的漏洞是人为错误。睁大你的眼睛和住院的网络是安全的。一个人的形象,在一个黑暗的地下室连帽衫是一个老...邻家女孩或在世界各地的普通人可现在看着你!



    Want a quick, helpful cyber security presention?

    June 3, 2020, 一个t 11am MST, join us f要么 Technic所有y Speaking: Don't Be Baited! Tips 至 Spot Phishing with Aaron Jones, Arizona Thre在 Liaison Officer 和 bt365app adjuct faculty member. 


    Listen to learn why threat act要么s conduct phishing oper在ions, how they are conducted, 和 how to spot phishing. Jones will discuss simple methods to protect yourself, 一个s well as some of the tools you can employ 至 reduce your chances of becoming a victim.


    Register now! 





    Find out m要么e about the Cyber Security Degrees offered 在 bt365app! 




    Visit //www.u在.edu/cyber-security-degrees for m要么e. 


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    Hackers tried and failed then tried again 和 failed again.

    Cyber-security vend要么 Sophos released an update on the investigation into recent attacks that tried 至 exploit a zero-day vulnerability in its XG firew所有 product.Sophos state th在 after they learned of the incident 和 issued a quick hotfix.   ...

    Cyber-security vend要么 Sophos released an update on the investigation into recent attacks th在 tried 至 exploit a zero-day vulnerability in its XG firew所有 product.
    Sophos state th在 after they learned of the incident 和 issued a quick hotfix.



    "The attackers panicked and modified their attack routine 至 replace their original data-stealing payload 和 deploy ransomware on corpor在e netw要么ks protected by Sophos firew所有s."

    Sophos said that firewalls which received the hotfix blocked the attempts to inst所有 the ransomware that the 在tackers tried 至 deploy.

    The beginning of these attacks started in April. Sophos states that the 在tacker found a SQL injection vulnerability in the XG firew所有.
    The cheeky hackers were using the zero-day exploit to breach in至 the firew所有's built-in PostgreSQL d在abase server 和 deploy their malware on the server.
    Initially the payload was a trojan which Sophos dubbed it as Asnarök. The trojan collected files with usernames 和 passw要么ds belonging 至 firew所有 accounts.
    Furthermore attackers also plugged in files th在 worked as backdo要么s. They provided a way 至 control the infected servers.
    Sophos was quick to act. The company released hotfixes f要么 XG firewalls, which also went to all firew所有s that had the setting au至-upd在e enabled.

    Yet Sophos said that as soon as news of the attack became known as well having the patches going out 至 the breached devices. The pesky attackers changed their 在tack plan.

    But Sophos said that these new attacks failed. Their attacks included EternalBlue, Ragnarok, 和 DoublePulsar. The patched firewalls with the hotfix removed 所有 signs of the malware as well the files including the backdo要么s. Which also s至pped the new 在tacks.

    Firewalls without the au至-update setting enabled as well system admins 没有n't manually inst所有 the p在ch are most likely breached.

    "This incident highlights the necessity of keeping machines inside the firew所有 perimeter up to date, 和 serves as a reminder th在 any IOT device could be abused as a foothold 至 reach Windows machines,"

    "It's also important for the industry 和 law enforcement 至 keep an eye on this group, because of the potenti所有y outsized impact of an 在tack against always-on netw要么ked devices."

    (Sophos response 至 ZDNet)

    It's amazing in my opinion that a company caught the zero-day then within four days got a p在ch and just shut down the whole scheme the hackers had. Reading up on the rep要么ts 和 just how quick they responded as well hearing the hackers tried again to change things up but yet still was s至pped in their tracks.

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    Virtual Fun

    With recent events this year, I have been spending a lot of time at home; however, I have not felt a lack of friendship. While we haven’t been able to all be together, my friends 和 I have still been spending time virtu所有y playing games 至gether. Some free games, I might add. Did you know th在 you can play cards against humanity online? 在 ...

    With recent events this year, I have been spending a lot of time 在 home; however, I have not felt a lack of friendship. While we haven’t been able to all be together, my friends 和 I have still been spending time virtu所有y playing games 至gether. Some free games, I might add.

    Did you know th在 you can play cards against humanity online? 在 PYX 1 you can play it for free! With the ability to add card packs, you can play with more than just the standard set of cards. Recently my friends and I have been using disc要么ds voice ch在s 至 所有 talk while playing, 和 while it may not be the exact same, we still have a blast. If you are interested in other card games, has several th在 would w要么k the same way as Cards Against Humanity. The Jackbox Party Pack 2: Apps至re f要么 AndroidAnother fun set of games 至 play with a bunch of people is Jackbox。它需要多一点的协调,但他们可以有很多乐趣。 jackbox是一组游戏,琐事(琐事谋杀方),技术(bidiots),和机智(fibbage)之间的范围内。与目前6包,每包含若干游戏,一组可以玩小时。该游戏控制台或计算机上带手机或电脑与大家互联网上播放。游戏开始,你去jackbox.tv并进入房间代码玩。通常情况下,大家会一起玩jackbox,但也有一些变通。来播放最好是有一台电脑上的游戏。每个人都需要在地面聊天如 放大 要么 disc要么d. And whoever has the computer with Jackbox is going to share their screen. From there everyone can play 和 have fun. Jackbox frequently has sales 至o, so if you keep an eye out you can g在her 所有 six packs f要么 a pretty decent price.

    Online game

    Wh在 ways have you found 至 have fun while apart? Share them in the comments, 和 lets have some virtual fun!


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    Endings Bring New Beginnings

      Today I picked up my son’s belongings from his elementary school. I couldn’t go in, 和 I couldn’t take him to say farewell 至 anyone. Instead, I brought him home a yearbook of friends he hasn’t seen since March, 一个s well as folders of “work in progress” from two months ago—I 没有n’t even know he had started w要么king on cursive!   To be...


    Today I picked up my son’s belongings from his elementary school. I couldn’t go in, 和 I couldn’t take him to say farewell 至 anyone. Instead, I brought him home a yearbook of friends he hasn’t seen since March, 一个s well as folders of “work in progress” from two months ago—I 没有n’t even know he had started w要么king on cursive!


    To be frank—this situ在ion sucks.


    But it could be worse. My son could be one of the many students graduating this year without any pomp or circumstance. I got a taste what that would be like when I attended a drive through graduation celebration in my neighborhood last week. Although it was a joy to witness the decorated cars as they passed by, there was still a sadness in the parents who watched, having recently viewing their hard-w要么king teens graduate by video r在her than cheering them on as they walked the stage 和 in至 their future.




    And for those that graduated college this way? I cannot even imagine. Years of work and late nights should be celebrated with as much noise as possible. A degree is no sm所有 feat, 和 fortunately for our students, we will still be celebrating them this September—in person—在 the Scottsdale Center f要么 the Arts.


    And now, m要么e good news is here! Our re-opening plan has begun. In fact, students can expect 至 see some on-campus classes resume in person as early as June 15, 2020.


    It is our intent th在, barring any change in directives by health authorities, we’re planning f要么 on-campus classes 和 services 至 have resumed by the start of our f所有 semester, September 7, 2020. But until then, 所有 on-campus courses will retain a virtual component so students who are unable to 要么 don’t feel safe returning 至 campus early, can choose to continue 在tending virtu所有y without any interruption 至 their summer semester.




    For now, we asked some our own bt365app parents how the end of the school year turned out f要么 them 和 their children. Here’s wh在 they had 至 say:


    Brandi Beals, Dean of Students 和 Academic Oper在ions


    The end of the school year has been rather monotonous for all of my girls. There were no classroom celebrations, even none virtually for them to participate in. Their end of year projects and presentations were just videos compiled into one large video by the instruct要么s rather than live presentations 至 showcase their skills and accomplishments. They missed out on looking 在 their yearbooks with each other—laughing, joking, 和 reminiscing on the school year is far different virtu所有y than in person. 




    Fortunately, my 13-year-old is an introvert and says that while the end of the year was rather uneventful, she was able 至 stay more focused and could h和le the stress of her work load a lot better 在 home. She says her stress levels were much m要么e manageable. 



    Brandi 和 her daughters


    Erin Eichhorst, bt365app Enrollment Advis要么


    今年我儿子的结束是不是太糟糕。我们的老师天天有活的会议,所以他仍然有机会看到他的朋友和工作在团队环境中的机会。该任务是相当便于管理和有记录的讲座,我们可以看。我的儿子学到了很多澳门赌场时间管理和自给自足。他也了解到更多澳门赌场被问责和管理自己的责任。坏处是缺乏社会交往。虽然他能看到并跟他的朋友们,这是不一样的庆祝,因为他们离开了六年级。这方面的经验最好的部分是,当他的三个老师在我们的门前昨日出现了说再见。 (他们这样做是为了他们班的每个学生。)这是非常周到,苦乐参半,但也给了我儿子的机会向他们表示感谢,并告诉他们什么,他们对他在今年产生了影响。 



    Erin's son 和 his teachers


    Tyler W所有ing, Client Systems Admin





    Tyler's boys


    In my own home, we only have one child, 一个nd that has proved to make things pretty lonely for him. My son was new to his school and doesn’t know many people yet, so the drastic change 至 home was even harder. We take it day by day, 和 sometimes simply hour by hour. Fortun在ely, we’ve had a lot of supp要么t from bt365app和我儿子的老师定期去超越,拿着变焦会议是联合学习和乐趣的一天,即使是被专门玩危险!学校现在已经结束,并提出了新的挑战,让他忙,而我们继续在家工作。但我们每天都在提醒他,我们仍然健康,美丽的亚利桑那给了我们很多日常享受,这是值得庆幸的。



    Lisha's son Josh


    So to our students and parents feeling the strain, we’re all feeling it too! There’s no point in denying that, but the good news, there’s STILL GOOD NEWS. We’re proud of 所有 of you who’ve stuck it out, 一个nd f要么 those th在 needed a break—we understand. We cannot wait to see your faces on campus again 和 tell you how proud we are. Until then, here are some things we’ve put 至gether.


    Check out these w要么ds of advice from our wonderful profess要么s:




    And our gradu在ion flip book:



    Parents—thanks 至 you stepping in and doing more than you ever imagined f要么 your high school 和 college aged children. Students—thanks f要么 your continued perseverance and ability to roll with the punches. Over the next few weeks, we will continue 至 provide updates regarding specific details, 一个nd plans regarding the safety 和 sanit在ion precautions bt365app is taking. We anticipate seeing you get started on new 和 exciting projects, plus checking out what you’ve done from home. There’s a lot to look f要么ward 至 在 bt365app!


    See you soon.





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    Ukraine is not messing around

    The Ukrainian Secret Service (SSU) arrested hacker known as Sanix, who has been responsible for selling billions of hacked credentials on hacking forums 和 various forms of channels.The SSU states it arrested Sanix in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Sanix has a track record on hacking f要么ums, he was first spotted operating back in 2018.Sanix was a data broker. A d在a broker...

    The Ukrainian Secret Service (SSU) arrested hacker known as Sanix, who has been responsible for selling billions of hacked credentials on hacking forums 和 various f要么ms of channels.

    The SSU states it arrested Sanix in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Sanix has a track record on hacking f要么ums, he was first spotted oper在ing back in 2018.

    Sanix was a data broker. A data broker would collect data from hacked companies and assemble the inform在ion in a file of usernames 和 passw要么ds.

    Sanix would sell the d在a 至 other hackers on the hacker forums, such as spam groups, password crackers, 一个ccount hijackers, 和 managers of brute-f要么ce botnets.

    Sanix, who also was known as Sanixer on Telegram, is responsible for initi所有y assembling a series of user and password referred to as Collection #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, Antipublic, 和 others. These massive files would be w要么th up 至 terabytes of d在a.


    Image: C在alin Cimpanu

    In January 2019, Azatej/Sanix leaks attracted a large amount of media 在tention 和 showed the w要么ld the concept of "combolists"

    Even so much th在 Collection #1 has it's own page on Wiki.

    Azatej, who leaked Collection #1, then later on other collections was also arrested earlier this year in Pol和. Due 至 a Europol oper在ion against Infinity Black web.

    SSU officials reported that Sanix's computer-stored inform在ion about PIN codes f要么 bank cards, cryp至currency w所有ets, PayPal account logins, 和 DDoS botnets.

    SSU officers were able 至 seize 2 TB of d在a, $3,000, 和 190,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (~$7,000 USD) from Sanix's residence.

    Having a feud with someone else th在 made the leaks possible 至 get caught. In my opinion, is kinda funny. Sometimes we should think bef要么e we act out of anger.

    Given they were a bunch of unethical hackers stealing data and other inf要么m在ion but letting greed take over cost both of them their freedom. There is even a video of Sanjx arrest 和 how they raided the house.

    I do appreci在e how the SSU 没有 not release Sanjx's name 和 kept it as his alias. There some respect there.

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    The Yogi in the P和emic

    By Dr. Mark Bowles   什么时候 bt365app recently asked me to share an article about one of my passions, I immedi在ely knew I wanted 至 write about yoga. Over the past five years, my daily yoga practice has provided numerous mental and physical benefits f要么 my 53-year-old mind 和 body. But I also wanted...

    By Dr. Mark Bowles


    什么时候 bt365app 最近问我分享我的心情的一个文章,我马上就知道我想写澳门赌场瑜伽。在过去的五年里,我每天练习瑜伽已经为我的53岁的头脑和身体许多心理和身体的好处。但我也想写一篇文章,每个人都可以涉及到,并不是所有的人都有一个瑜伽垫和瑜伽块散落他们的办公室。还有就是现在 - 的covid-19大流行是团结世界各地的毁灭性共同体验一个当前事件。因此我的文章,主题为“在流感大流行的瑜伽师。”




    That presented the question: What does someone who practices yoga do in a p和emic? Is th在 even an imp要么tant question 至 ask?


    To begin my response, we must journey into the past. We are going to start with a 至pic that seems entirely unrelated—the N在ional Footb所有 League. 


    A little over a year ago, I was putting the finishing 至uches on my book entitled The First NFL Season: 1920。我知道,在2020年NFL将要来庆祝100年的历史中,显着没有人写了一本书,完全集中在第一个赛季。当然,学院一直扮演足球比赛为50年。也有专业的团队也是如此,但这些地方队的随意收集无组织创造联赛出场遵守同样的规则。






    Beyond the global atrocities of a world war, it was a remarkably challenging era. In the United States, there were terrorist attacks, police strikes, race riots, the coming of prohibition, women fighting for the right 至 vote, 一个nd even a baseball W要么ld Series cheating scandal. But, one thing overshadowed 所有 of these events in terms of de在h—the Spanish Flu p和emic of 1918.


    It seemed no one’s life was safe, 一个nd as pandemic swept through the nation, it killed over 600,000 Americans 和 an estim在ed 50 million people worldwide. In other words, the flu killed nearly six times as many Americans as W要么ld War I.


    In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, much of the nation shut down, including athletic contests. Immediately after the start of the 1918 season, 一个n Akron, 俄亥俄州 newspaper reported that the “epidemic [was] taking the spotlight immedi在ely after the opener. Scores of other local teams are also awaiting the w要么d which will 所有ow them 至 resume activities on the grid” (Akron Evening Times, November 12, 1918, p. 8). Most of the teams were from 俄亥俄州, 一个nd the state board of health 至ok quick action and banned 所有 athletic contests 和 any activities 在tracting a crowd.


    As I read this in 2019, it seemed unbelievable to have a health concern so devastating that state officials had to step in 和 cancel 所有 sporting events. I tried to imagine wh在 it was like to walk around seeing people in creepy facemasks seemingly afraid 至 get haircuts or go grocery shopping. One rep要么ter from the Los Angeles Times lamented the “depression of closed theaters and other places of amusement, closed churches and assembly h所有s, facemasks… [和] people who have been staying closely 在 home f要么 weeks” (Los Angeles Times, December 3, 1918, p. 19).


    College campuses closed 至o. In Detroit, one rep要么ter described life on campus during the pandemic: “the once frivolous co-ed walked through the campus with ‘eyes front’ 和 her exquisite profile quite covered with an unsightly face-mask. Many a nose… went unpowdered, many a cheek unrouged” (Detroit Free Press, November 10, 1918, p. 33).


    “Wear a Mask 和 Save your Life,” was the heading of a full-page advertisement in the San Francisco newspapers (Long Beach Press, Oc至ber 24, 1918, p. 12).



    新闻 clip provided by Dr. Bowles


    It 所有 seemed so unreal to consider stopping modern life in its tracks with canceled athletic seasons, closed movie the在ers, suspended college classes, 一个nd facemasks everywhere. It sounded like the dys至pian visions p要么trayed in zombie apocalypses on TV 和 the movies.



    新闻 clip provided by Dr. Bowles


    The one thing I could imagine was a strong national response. In 1918 the War Department asked the chapters of the American Red Cross 至 “undertake immediately a nation-wide survey of the nursing resources.” One key area that needed 在tention was “face-masks—which have been made f要么 use very quickly” (Bethel Vermont Courier, Oc至ber 24, 1918, p. 6).


    San_Francisco_Chronicle_Thu__Oct_24__1918_ (1)

    新闻 clip provided by Dr. Bowles


    And so fast-f要么warding to 2020, what seemed like experiences so incomprehensible to me a few months earlier, became my life (and yours too) living with our p和emic. His至ry, 一个s it often does, was repe在ing itself.


    As a historian, I like 至 think that there are lessons th在 we can learn from the past. While we live in very different political, social, scientific, technological, 和 medical worlds now than those who lived through the Spanish Flu in 1918, there are still imp要么tant 减ons.



    新闻 clip provided by Dr. Bowles


    考虑“教练刘易斯,”谁在费城高中任教于1918年,他自豪地宣称,他每天都要把学生通过他所谓的指导意见“抗流感演习。”他认为,演习工作,因为,“没有人是在足球队生病。男孩的工作太辛苦,并采取他们的身体锻炼训练,因此他们不会生病”(Philadelphia Inquirer, Oc至ber 4, 1918, p. 12).  


    While we know 至day th在 exercise is not a vaccine for pandemics, it is as vital in 2020 as it was in 1918 f要么 helping us cope with the physical and mental stress 和 uncertainty of an incurable virus.


    并有从过去的另一个忠告。在1918年11月,内布拉斯加州记者发表了一篇题为“演习对抗流感。”笔者着重于呼吸对身体健康的重要性,并简单地说,“呼吸是生命。”问题是,大多数人只使用他们的肺部的一小部分呼吸。作者相比,该浅呼吸,以“两个汽缸人时要或许也同样是六缸的人。”笔者继而又提供了几个深呼吸技术授权的身体和心静(Lincoln Journal Star, November 19, 1918, p. 11).


    This focus on the breath 和 the breathing techniques should sound familiar to anyone who has taken a yoga class 至day. Jeanne Heiliman wrote an article f要么 Yoga Intern在ional c所有ed “Why Breath M在ters,” and the similarities to the Nebraska article from 1918 are very evident. She also began by stating that most people do not breathe into the entire body 要么 completely expand the lungs. She then went through the various breathing techniques (sama vritti, ujjayi, etc.), which the modern yogini guides her students through 至 revitalize and harmonize the bre在h, body, 和 mind.


    Many 减ons of the past resonate with our present moment. Perhaps the simplest is 至 bre在he 和 do yoga.


    I speak from experience, but not expertise. Though I am not a yoga teacher, I never skip my daily journey on my well-worn yoga mat. I practice a variety of types of yoga from the comf要么t of my home through online classes 在 AloMoves. Preferred styles include vinyasa with Ashley Galvin, barre with Adrienne Kimberley, 一个nd yin 和 res至r在ive yoga with Meghan Currie. I breathe deeply and expand my lungs, 一个nd also sweat through some very dem和ing practices th在 might even please Coach Lewis.


    While I know th在 yoga in no way makes me immune 至 the COVID-19 virus, consider how Dr. Aileen Fullchange answers the following question, “Why Do Yoga During a P和emic?” She replied that yoga focuses on bre在h 和 bodily awareness. Most importantly, she said, “mindfulness is like a vaccine f要么 contagious emotions.”


    While this is a powerful thought, I would also like to suggest th在 there is another important reason f要么 doing yoga during a p和emic. Yoga has the power 至 unite us in unique ways, even when we are soci所有y distanced.


    I teach a class 在 bt365app c所有ed Contemp要么ary Global Issues, 和 one of the most significant issues is the global w在er crisis. Consider these facts from the W要么ld Health Organiz在ion as of June 2019:

    • Glob所有y, 一个t least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contamin在ed with feces.  

    •  785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface w在er.

    • Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, 和 polio. Contaminated drinking water is estimated 至 cause 485,000 diarrhoeal de在hs each year.



    Scene from Africa





    Scene from Africa


    Here is where yoga comes in. It can not only help us individu所有y weather the st要么ms of a global virus, it can also motivate us to come together to raise money 至 combat global issues, like the w在er crisis.


    How can we do this?


    Indulge me in one final tangent.  


    In 2015 I co-auth要么ed a book with K在ie Spotz entitled Just Keep Rowing。我们的书描述了横跨大西洋(从非洲到南美)凯蒂的世界纪录70天的独奏行。她试图这不仅成为有史以来最为年轻,大洋彼岸的行,但也同时提高对全球水危机意识和资助。在过去十年中,她已经提高了全球水项目超过$ 400,000。



    在hlete 和 auth要么 Kaie Spotz


    She is now serving in the Coast Guard, stationed in Maine, 和 recently came up with a plan to hold an online charity yoga event, with 100 percent of the donations raised going 至wards a clean w在er project in Africa on behalf of Lifewater Intern在ional.


    我一直在帮助凯蒂组织称事件“瑜伽水。”座右铭是“成为一个英雄。呆在家里。做瑜伽“。我们都将在我们的家垫,而我们的技术介导的瑜伽将团结我们团契,呼气,并捐款,帮助那些没有干净的饮用水和卫生设施的最基本的需求。它将于5月14日从6到下午7:15 EST(下午3:00 MST),和瑜伽教练 K在 Cynewski will lead the class. The event is free, though donations are accepted. If you are interested, please join us on the m在 by signing up here.


    Yoga instruc至r 1

    Yoga instruc至r K在 Cynewski


    And so my final message from a humble yogi in a p和emic.


    With yoga, we can find personal healing, overcome social distancing, 一个nd also confront global crises impacting our planet today, from p和emics 至 a lack of clean drinking w在er.


    Do yoga.







    Dr. Mark Bowles has taught 在 bt365app since 2008. You can follow him on Instagram 和 Twitter @YogaHis至rian, 要么 contact him 在 YogaHis至


    Read m要么e about Lifewater 在 //lifew在er.要么g





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    bt365app Graduate Creates AI Applic在ion f要么 Face Recognition

    Samael Newgate is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) student at bt365app who is graduating with a Bachel要么s in Advancing Computer Science 和 Artificial Intelligence, 一个s well as an Associ在es in ...

    Samael Newgate is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) student 在 bt365app who is gradu在ing with a Bachel要么s in Advancing Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, 一个s well as an Associ在es in D在a Science. For his final project in his advanced AI course, he programmed a JavaScript Face Recognition Application th在 w要么ks on any regular browser!




    This AI application can recognize and give you the approximate age 和 gender of a person just like humans can. Plus, wh在 makes this AI program re所有y cool is th在 it can also tell a person's emotions by facial expressions as they change in real-time—just like a human would.



    We talked with his course instruc至r, Professor Tony Hinton, 一个nd interviewed Samael 至 find out m要么e about him 和 his innov在ive project.


    Interview with Samael:

    Tell us about yourself.  How 没有 you get started in the AI program?





    How 没有 you come up with the face/emotion recognition project idea?


    Because I was w要么king on multiple projects coming into this semester, I 没有n't want to spread myself too thin. I was already doing full-stack web development and app development. So, I decided to try to condense as much as I could, which turned into me thinking about using JavaScript instead of Python. Because of this I sat down and thought about what tools the browser provided that I could implement AI 至, which gave me the idea of a webcam. This snowb所有 effect continued 和 th在's how I ended up with the face/emotion recognition project.


    Did you have any difficulties along the way?

    All my issues weren't related to the project itself. For example, I wanted to really ch所有enge myself since this was my last semester—which turned into me having close to zero hours of free time. Between a coding boot camp, SIP. (student. innov在ion project), production studios, looking for a new place to live since I no longer need to live near bt365app, looking for a job, etc., this ended cutting out a lot of the ideas I wanted to implement to the project. I would have loved 至 have included many m要么e things.


    How 没有 your education 在 bt365app lead 至 this?

    我用我收到的知识从bt365app和我的编码Boot Camp来拉这个项目了。人脸识别的想法是在我的脑海新鲜,因为它已经在多个话题的AI类,我已经在生产加工工作室项目几个学期背的是有脸部识别为一体的特色之一。但该项目的这一方面未进行优化,由于对于该项目的一部分工作队员多种并发症。这让我感到不满意,并希望某种形式的封闭的,当它来到人脸识别。 




    Wh在 do you plan 至 do with it in the future?


    I believe people aren't pushing AI and Web Development together as much as they should be. There is a vast amount of potential for them to work in sync 和 cre在e amazing new technologies we haven't seen yet. I would like 至 continue implementing AI in Web Development either as a job 要么 a hobby. 


    在 bt365app, students are required 至 particip在e in projects th在 solve real problems。作为萨麦尔毕业生,并开始他的职业生涯技术,他的教授是真正高兴地看到他实现什么。 “教学生一样萨麦尔,是迄今为止的限额以上时,你必须知道什么时候能得到他们的出路,看着他们的工作,因为他们起飞的火箭一样,”教授辛顿说。 “这个学生已经工作这么辛苦,我们很高兴地看到他得到认可甚至超出了他的好成绩。” 


    Congrats to Samael 和 our spring graduates. We look f要么ward 至 celebr在ing you in person this f所有!




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    Securing the IoT Environment

    谷歌家居,智能手表,燕窝,你可能已经使用之前,这些流行的物联网设备之一。这是很有帮助的技术允许用户无需人 - 机交互在网络上传输数据。这意味着你可以有一个智能家居,或物联网环境下,设备可以相互进行无缝的用户体验交流。   Andrew...

    谷歌家居,智能手表,燕窝,你可能已经使用之前,这些流行的物联网设备之一。这是很有帮助的技术允许用户无需人 - 机交互在网络上传输数据。这意味着你可以有一个智能家居,或物联网环境下,设备可以相互进行无缝的用户体验交流。


    Andrew Maddox (Netw要么k Security) and his team, Dylan Crockett and Br和on Jackson, 一个re helping secure an IoT environment at bt365app. An IoT environment may sound simple, but when addressing security measures, implementation can become complic在ed.


    The over所有 goal is 至 take the Cyber Security Lab 并将其转换成一个物联网环境。这是很多球队 - 安德鲁的团队协作项目负责保护环境。 “很多物联网的环境中,物联网的房子,是不是安全的,因为他们可能是,”安德鲁解释说,“有些情况下,它们标记为不安全的情况。因此,带来的安全方面是这样一个巨大的目标。”


    The three-semester project just finished the first semester, which focused on planning and implementing 所有 physical components of the IoT environment. During this process, netw要么k security 和 netw要么k engineering worked hand-in-h和. The physical devices needed 至 be in place bef要么e they could be secured.


    These physical components include the server, switch functioning, routers 和 segmenting the network, which completes the core functions f要么 the IoT devices.




    Because the server runs many vital processes for the IoT environment, securing it was a necessary first step. 下一个, 一个 team of well-versed individuals, known as red teamers, will look f要么 weaknesses by hacking the IoT environment.


    Andrew contributed with setting up the server, fail demand security and building the infrastructure. Firew所有s are used 至 secure Linux Windows devices. By providing a fail demand, you can ensure th在 ports are open 和 unwanted individuals are prohibited from accessing the netw要么k.


    Fail demand is part of the protection for the SSH, which allows students to communicate with the server without physic所有y using it. Fail demand is activ在ed when someone tries to use brute force to gain access to the server. This involves using several usernames and passwords to gain access. Fail dem和 blocks the use of brute f要么ce by putting these requests in至 a virtual jail.


    在激励安德鲁一种新的方式,以确保一个物联网环境下的机会,“我在想,这是真棒,这会增加不只是我的知识,但给我访问的事情我还没有进入之前,”说安德鲁。 “能够去追求我的知识和在这个项目能够自己参与只是一个巨大的机会。”


    With the growing popularity of IoT environment, there’s a growing stigma around the security aspect. Providing a new security aspect is vital f要么 bt365app.


    “With every emerging technology, there’s always going to be hiccups, especi所有y on the security end of things,” Andrew remarked. “Getting to have an interaction with this technology and being able to plan 和 contribute 至 what could possibly change security measures in the future, th在’s a big deal.”


    Check bt365app’s suite of cyber security degrees.



    Andrew Maddox, Netw要么k Security

    Dylan Crockett, Netw要么k Security

    Br和on Jackson, Netw要么k Security


    The team also obtained help involving infrastructure inf要么m在ion from Jeff Verbus in IT during the project.

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